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The Snake Tattoo (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries)

The Snake Tattoo (Carlotta Carlyle Mysteries)
Author: Linda Barnes
ISBN 13: 9780312993559
ISBN 10: 312993552
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Date: 2004-02-16
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 320
List Price: $6.99

See No Evil...

Carlotta Carlyle, ex-cop, struggling private eye, and 6'1" of long tall redhead, takes any case that walks through the door. This time the door opens twice. First in is her old partner, Lt. Mooney of the Boston Police, unfairly charged with brutality, suspended, and desperate. The witness who can clear him is a hooker with a snake tattoo...and she's vanished.

Or Dare To Face It...

The second client is a teenager with a missing wallet and a split lip. He's been roughed up on the Boston streets while searching for his runaway girlfriend. He's too young to be a client, and Carlotta should have turned him down. Shoulda, woulda, coulda...didn't.

With Eyes Wide Open.

Both investigations send Carlotta into Boston's Combat Zone and the dark alleys of the human heart. Hookers don't disappear and kids don't take off without good reason. Now Carlotta is coming face to face with the evil that men do, and what is she going to do about it? Tackle it head on....

Publishers Weekly

In ``a rivetingly well-told story,'' redheaded, 61 private eye Carlotta Carlyle helps an old friend, Lieutenant Mooney of the Boston PD, who is under investigation for excessive brutality. ``There are surprises at the finish, made all the more potent by the novel's unforced pace and charm,'' lauded PW. (May)