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America and the World (Major Issues in American History)

America and the World (Major Issues in American History)
Author: Jolyon P. Girard
ISBN 13: 9780313312922
ISBN 10: 313312923
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Greenwood
Publication Date: 2001-08-30
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 328
List Price: $83.00

Offers a complete student resource guide, with pro and con primary documents, on thirteen pivotal events in the history of United States foreign relations.

Lora Morgaine Shinn - VOYA

The latest entry in the series Major Issues in American History provides historical overview and analysis with original papers, essays, and articles for a student research audience. Girard chose thirteen pivotal events in U.S. international affairs, providing contextual scrutiny of circumstances, key players, and long-term influence followed by symbolic excerpted or whole documents. The documents highlight arguments surrounding each event and supply excellent insight into the rationales, fears, concerns, and raging debates related to them. Arranged chronologically, each chapter builds on previous chapters and documents, as Girard thoughtfully points out historically significant departures and reiteration of American international policy. Most events are concentrated in the twentieth century, and topics specifically encompass the Declaration of Neutrality; Monroe Doctrine; Trent Affair; Open Door Policy; World War I; Kellogg-Briand Pact; Good Neighbor Policy; Neutrality and World War II; Potsdam Conference; Red Scare; Paris Peace Accords; Camp David; and the Reykjavik Summit. The chapter concerning America's "Open Door" to Asia, begins with Girard's balanced introduction of key players, their concerns, and historical events. Documents include a speech by pro-imperialist Albert Beveridge; Secretary John Hay's Open Door Note; Russian reply to Hay's note; and an 1899 Atlantic Monthly article on U.S.-Chinese affairs. This challenging title is a particularly strong resource for students involved in debate, U.S. history, and Advance Placement (AP) coursework. Unfortunately, the index lacks thoroughness for quick reference, and each chapter must be read completely to gain all relevantinformation. Nevertheless Girard's contribution is recommended for high school and public libraries serving large student populations. Index. Maps. Biblio. Source Notes. Chronology. 2002, Greenwood, 328p. PLB