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Daily Life in Chaucer's England, 2nd Edition

Daily Life in Chaucer's England, 2nd Edition
Author: Jeffrey L. Forgeng - Will Mclean
ISBN 13: 9780313359514
ISBN 10: 313359512
Edition: 2
Publisher: Greenwood
Publication Date: 2008-12-30
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 328
List Price: $75.00

Experience the medieval world firsthand in this indispensable "hands-on" resource, and examine life as it was actually lived. The first book on medieval England to arise out of the "living history" movement, this volume allows readers to understand-and, if possible, recreate-what life was like for ordinary people in the days of Geoffrey Chaucer. Readers will learn not only what types of games medieval Britons played, what clothes they wore, or what food they ate, but actual rules for games, clothing patterns, and recipes. Student researchers will benefit from a multitude of resources, including primary source sidebars, a chapter on online resources and digital research, information on medieval reenactments, a timeline of events, a glossary of terms, numerous illustrations, and a comprehensive print and nonprint bibliography of accessible sources. Supporting the world history curriculum and offering an interactive supplement to literature curricula, this volume is a must-have for students and interested readers.

Detailed and meticulous, this volume examines all aspects of life in medieval England, down to basic fundamentals like nutrition, waste management, and table manners. Readers will explore:


holidays and holy days

the prevalence and normalcy of death

the average workday

crafts and trade

decorating practices

recreational activities like archery and falconry.

Parallel situations and quoted material from The Canterbury Tales also draw direct connections to Chaucer's work.

"Forgeng is a curator at the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts; McLean is an author, illustrator and scholar who is active in medieval recreation and living history. They update their 1995 description of 14th-century England with information and insights they and other scholars have gleaned over the intervening decade, and incorporate

the growing medieval presence on the Internet. They discuss society, households and the course of life, clothing and accessories, arms and armor, food and drink, entertainments, and other aspects. An appendix offers guidance on conducting a medieval event."

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