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Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War

Tiger Force: A True Story of Men and War
Author: Michael Sallah - Mitch Weiss
ISBN 13: 9780316066358
ISBN 10: 316066354
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Back Bay Books
Publication Date: 2007-06-13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
List Price: $17.00

The last great secret of the Vietnam War is revealed in a gripping book that is the culmination of efforts for which the authors received a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. TIGER FORCE is the searing story of a group of elite army soldiers in Vietnam who spun dangerously out of control and went on a horrific seven-month rampage. It is also the story of how these crimes, buried by the army for decades, at last came to light through the heroic persistence of a few individuals who could not forget.

The Washington Post - Stanley Karnow

To a large extent, the Tiger Force's misconduct mirrored the incapacity of the platoon's officers to control their men's excesses. As the war dragged on without visible signs of progress, morale deteriorated and the atrocities were increasingly symptomatic of their dehumanization. As though to repeat history at its worst, U.S. guards at the Abu Ghraib prison west of Baghdad have been convicted of abusing and sexually humiliating Iraqi inmates. Against this backdrop, Tiger Force adds a graphic, frightening dimension to our knowledge of the Vietnam tragedy, as well as our knowledge of ourselves. It is bound to be read far into the future.