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Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues (3rd Edition)

Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues (3rd Edition)
Author: Judith Goodenough - Betty A. McGuire
ISBN 13: 9780321551931
ISBN 10: 321551931
Edition: 3
Publisher: Benjamin Cummings
Publication Date: 2009-01-16
Format: Paperback
Pages: 624
List Price: $158.00

Biology of Humans: Concepts, Applications, and Issues, Third Edition personalizes the study of human biology with a friendly writing style, stunning art, abundant applications, and tools to help readers develop critical-thinking skills. With clarity, currency, and consistency, the authors give readers a conceptual framework for understanding how their bodies work and for dealing with issues relevant to human health in the modern world. Readers will gain an appreciation for the intricacy of the human body and the place of humans in the ecosphere. The Third Edition features an expansion of the critical thinking elements, two new Special Topics chapters, and a significantly revised art program.

Humans in the World of Biology, Chemistry Comes to Life, Special Topic: Food Safety,The Cell, Body Organization and omeostasis, The Skeletal System, The Muscular System, Neurons: The Matter of the Mind ,The Nervous System, Special Topic: Drugs and the Mind, Sensory Systems, The Endocrine System, Blood, The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems, Body Defense Mechanisms, Special Topic: Infectious Disease,The Respiratory System, The Digestive System, Special Topic: Nutrition and Weight Control, The Urinary System, Reproductive Systems, Development Through Life, Special Topic: Autism, Chromosomes and Cell Division, Special Topics: Stem Cells–The Body’s Repair Kit, Genetics and Inheritance, DNA and Biotechnology, Evolution and our Heritage, Ecology, The Environment, and Us, Human Populations, Limited Resources, and Pollution. Intended for those interested in learning the basics of human biology