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Natural, Alternative & Complementary Health Care Practices, 1e

Natural, Alternative & Complementary Health Care Practices, 1e
Author: Roxana Huebscher PhD FNPC HNC CMT - Pamela A. S
ISBN 13: 9780323016766
ISBN 10: 323016766
Edition: 1
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2003-06-20
Format: Paperback
Pages: 928
List Price: $44.95

Section One is organized by body system. Each chapter contains therapeutic applications or interventions related to the categories in Section Two. This section also includes a discussion of quality and practical issues that conventional health care providers may encounter.

Section Two presents categories that are the framework for NAC therapies and provides a brief overview for understanding NAC modalities from an organized perspective. The reader is referred to references and websites for information on modalities including cautions, contraindications, side effects, and specific credentialing and regulation of practitioners.

  • Includes unique 2-part organization: the chapters in the first part are listed by body system and focus on interventions and extensively cross-reference the second part, which is a reference section on each of the common NAC therapies
  • Outlines Natural, Alternative, & Complementary therapies for common outpatient conditions.
  • Includes Shuler's Nurse Practitioner Practice Model for problem-focused holistic assessment.
  • Follows format for NAC categories of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).

Doody Review Services

Reviewer:Elaine M. Enright, RN, AD, BS(Falmouth Hospital)
Description:This book on complementary and alternative healthcare is a very welcome text on the subject, especially because it was written in the United States and authored by holistic practitioners. The book is structured in a way that can be easily read and understood by western and holistically trained practitioners. It begins with allopathic therapies and complements them with alternatives, such as herbs, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic touch, etc.
Purpose:The purpose is to enlighten allopathically-trained practitioners who are interested in alternative therapies for most outpatient conditions. Since the American health consumer is fast becoming more interested in natural and complementary therapies, these objectives are very timely. The book is extremely well written and all objectives are clearly met.
Audience:The authors intend the book to reach western trained practitioners, and students of natural and allopathic medicine. The book would be valuable to all practitioners in medicine, nursing, and especially nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students. The authors of this book are registered nurse practitioners who are well versed in homeopathy and are nurse educators/consultants.
Features:The book covers the most common outpatient diseases, the allopathic treatments, and the natural/complementary alternatives. The book uses many tables to describe studies on natural remedies, and interventions and outcomes of using natural therapies. These are a quick reference for the practitioner.
Assessment:This book would be an essential tool for any clinician, given that it provides both the allopathic and homeopathic alternatives. It is very easy to read, is indexed well, and provides excellent alternatives for those patients seeking nontraditional approaches to minor ailments. It also discusses returning the healing back to the patient, which is a lost element in Western medicine. As a nurse practitioner student myself, I will definitely use this book in my own practice.