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Postsurgical Orthopedic Sports Rehabilitation: Knee & Shoulder

Postsurgical Orthopedic Sports Rehabilitation: Knee & Shoulder
Author: Robert C. Manske PT DPT SCS MEd ATC CSCS
ISBN 13: 9780323027021
ISBN 10: 323027024
Edition: 1
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2006-08-18
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 640
List Price: $100.95

Written by well-known experts in a reader-friendly style, this is the only book to focus specifically on post-surgical guidelines for successful rehabilitation of the knee and shoulder for sports patients. Content covers basic concepts related to soft tissue healing, as well as core concepts in sports medicine rehabilitation, all of which lay the groundwork for discussions of specific protocols. Detailed descriptions of the latest post-surgical procedures for various knee and shoulder pathologies equip readers with essential knowledge needed to recommend the most effective treatment plans. Includes a separate section on multiple ligament knee injuries.

• Numerous photos and radiographs of topics discussed in the text serve as excellent visual references in the clinical setting.
• Detailed descriptions of the most current surgical protocols for various knee and shoulder pathologies help readers recommend the best treatment based on proven rehabilitation plans.
• The inflammatory response is described, with regard to its role in soft tissue healing following surgical procedures of the knee and shoulder.
• Protocols based on the most recent research available promotes evidence-based practice.
• A chapter on rotator cuff injuries includes authoritative, up-to-date information on this topic.
• A chapter on cartilage replacement focuses on the "nuts and bolts" of rehabilitation for this common injury, offering current, hands-on information about one of the fastest changing treatment protocols.
• Contributors are expert therapists and physicians - respected leaders in their field.
• Each chapter highlights post-op guidelines and protocols in a consistent format that's immediately accessible and easy to reference.
• Comprehensive information on soft tissue healing is presented.
• A separate section on multiple ligament knee injuries presents hard-to-find information that's rarely covered in other resources or literature.

Doody Review Services

Reviewer:Scott Morrison, B.S., M.Ed.(Pennsylvania State Univ Coll of Health & Human Development)
Description:This thorough book presents some of the most current surgical and rehabilitative concepts for the knee and shoulder. It is unique in that it provides a compilation of postsurgical rehabilitation protocols authored by some of the leading experts in the field.
Purpose:The purpose is to provide a single reference for the orthopedic sports rehabilitation specialist to use as a guide in managing the postoperative care of patients. Each chapter follows a similar format that begins with anatomy and progresses to assessment, surgical techniques, and then rehabilitative techniques. The author's objective is very effectively met, and the book provides a simple yet comprehensive reference for clinicians to use as a guide for managing a variety of postsurgical treatments of the knee and shoulder. However, due to the consistently evolving field of sports medicine, this book, as others of this kind, may quickly become dated.
Audience:The author intends this for practicing sports medicine professionals. However, seasoned practitioners may find the protocols somewhat rigid. As such, this book may better serve as a reference for students or inexperienced practitioners.
Features:The first of the book's three main areas provides a global review of a variety of topics that are essential to understanding the basics of any rehabilitative protocol. Section 2 is dedicated to the knee and the various ligament, meniscal, cartilage, and tendon injuries. The final section provides discussion of shoulder injuries of the acromioclavicular joint, capsular and ligamentous injuries, and finally a number of articles on rotator cuff repairs. One of the best features of this book is the way it provides the most current research on some of the most common surgeries that we encounter and rehabilitate in a single book. The authors of the chapters are among the most widely known clinicians in the field of orthopedic sports rehabilitation. With the extensive reference lists at the conclusion of each chapter, readers are provided with access to some of the most relevant clinical evidence for each of the procedures and rehabilitation protocols. Because each chapter follows the same format, which includes a section of the assessment of the injury, it would have been beneficial to have included the sensitivity and specificity of the special tests that are discussed within that section. The only other challenge that this book encounters is remaining current and relevant.
Assessment:This book has been very useful in my clinical practice in developing rehabilitation protocols for my patients. It's been most helpful to my practice as a tool to educate athletes about expectations prior to a surgery so that they have a clearer understanding of the procedure and the rehabilitation goals and treatments that will follow.