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Disaster Medicine, 1e

Disaster Medicine, 1e
Author: N/A
ISBN 13: 9780323032537
ISBN 10: 323032532
Edition: 1
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2006-03-23
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 984
List Price: $135.00

Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Gregory Ciottone, and Associate Editors, Dr. Philip D. Anderson, Dr. Erik Auf Der Heide, Dr. Robert G. Darling, Dr. Irving Jacoby, Dr. Eric Noji, and Dr. Selim Suner, recognized worldwide as authorities in the field, bring you this brand-new reference, which offers comprehensive yet succinct guidance on the preparation, assessment, and management of a full range of disasters, both natural and man-made (including terrorist attacks and the threat of biological warfare). More than 200 contributors carefully outline the basics of disaster management and provide guidance on more than 100 specific disaster situations. Part 1 offers an A to Z source for information on every aspect of disaster medicine and management. Part 2 features an exhaustive compilation of every conceivable disaster event, organized to facilitate fast reference in a real-time setting. The second part of the book also serves as a quick consult on disaster medicine.

• Presents a full range of coverage from the basics of disaster medicine to more advanced concepts, such as tactical EMS, hazard vulnerability analysis, impact of disaster on children, and more.
• Discusses identification of risks, planning of organization and equipment, and education and training.
• Includes individual Concepts and Events sections that provide information on the general approach to disaster medicine and practical information on specific disasters.
• Offers comprehensive coverage of natural disasters, accidental disasters, transportation disasters, and intentional events.
• Includes an exhaustive list of chapters on the conceivable chemical and biologic weapons known today.
• Features a practical chapter organization throughout that covers description of event, pre-incident considerations, post-incident considerations, medical treatment of casualties, unique considerations, pitfalls, case presentations, and suggested reading.
• Discusses the management of future events, or possible scenarios, for which there is no precedent.

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Reviewer:Heather Ines Dieperink, M.D.(University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine)
Description:Medical professionals produced this composite work that covers disaster medicine topics ranging from terrorist attacks to natural disasters.
Purpose:The stated purpose is to provide a comprehensive guide and quick reference for multiple types of disasters in the hopes of being better prepared and equipped for future disasters in the post-Katrina era.
Audience:Medical professionals interested in disaster medicine management are the intended audience. This work would also be useful to nonmedical professionals with an interest in disaster medicine management or seeking to hold a position in the homeland security network.
Features:Many topics are reiterated in table format throughout the chapters, making it easy to reference. Prevention of disease is a recurring theme. Medical jargon is avoided and the focus is on giving an overview of multiple medical scenarios rather than the treatment and pathology of specific diseases.
Assessment:Disaster medicine is a gigantic topic with endless opportunities for subtopics. The authors have an organized and understandable approach to introducing this subject. Some chapters could have been simplified and others could have used more detail. Overall, however, this is a good resource for anyone interested in disaster medicine.