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Rehabilitation for the Postsurgical Orthopedic Patient, 2e

Rehabilitation for the Postsurgical Orthopedic Patient, 2e
Author: Lisa Maxey MS PT - Jim Magnusson MS ATC PT
ISBN 13: 9780323034746
ISBN 10: 323034748
Edition: 2
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2006-12-21
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 560
List Price: $106.95

This text provides the physical therapist with the information they need to know about specific orthopedic surgeries and the rehabilitation techniques. Each chapter presents the indications and considerations for surgery; a detailed look at the surgical procedure, including the surgeon's perspective regarding rehabilitation concerns; and therapy guidelines to use in designing the rehabilitation program. In addition to including descriptions of each surgery, this book provides rehabilitation protocols for each surgery along with ways to trouble shoot within various patient populations (i.e. geriatric, athletic, pediatric, etc.). Unlike the more general orthopedic books, this book provides specific clinical information about individual orthopedic surgeries along with a chapter on soft tissue healing.

  • Each chapter is written by an MD and PT or OT providing both surgical and rehabilitation information.
  • Includes the latest, evidence-based therapy guidelines to help therapists design the most effective rehab programs for their patients.
  • Every chapter includes case study vignettes with critical thinking questions to encourage students to use clinical reasoning.
  • Provides detailed tables that break down therapy guidelines with rehab phases to give a quick resource to rehabilitation and therapy plans.
  • Includes the indications and considerations of specific surgical procedures to demonstrate why surgery should or should not be considered.
  • Describes surgeries in detail to give therapists a clear understanding of the surgical procedures used for various injuries and disorders so they can fashion the appropriate rehabilitation program.
  • Includes coverage of commonly accepted therapy guidelines to allow therapists to design a home therapy program as well as what's needed immediately post surgery.
  • Suggested Home Maintenance boxes, included in every chapter, provide guidance for the patient once they return home.
  • Emphasizes the unique needs of the individual patient with suggested home maintenance guidelines and the entire treatment plan broken out by phase for every chapter.
  • Over 300 photos and line drawings provide invaluable teaching tools for instructors and references to the practitioners.
  • Content provided by well-known contributors from around the country.

  • Four new chapters: Pathogenesis of Soft Tissue and Bone Repair, Total Shoulder Replacement, Surgery and Rehabilitation for Primary Flexor Tendon Repair in the Digit, and Cervical Spine Fusion.
  • Includes new information within the appendices on transitioning the running and jumping athlete (e.g. basketball player) back to court and the mini invasive anterior approach to total hip replacement.
  • New authors and editors bring fresh perspective to the topics covered in the text.
  • Each chapter is thoroughly revised with the most current information available on orthopedic surgeries and therapy.
  • Evaluations and guidelines are designed more specifically to the surgical diagnoses for the postsurgical patient.
  • Companion CD-ROM includes the suggested home maintenance boxes in a printable and editable form as well as anatomical and surgical animations on important procedures and anatomical areas.

Doody Review Services

Reviewer:Omar Alphonso Ross, PT, ATC(North Hills Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy)
Description:This book provides clinicians with relevant, up-to-date, postsurgical rehabilitation guidelines, as well as seven new chapters that cover pathogenesis of soft tissue and bone repair and total shoulder replacement among them. The previous version was published in 2001.
Purpose:The author states that the purpose is to "provide the clinician with the most comprehensive evidence-based review of post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation."
Audience:This book is primarily geared towards physical therapist practitioners, but it would benefit student physical therapists.
Features:It covers the surgical indications, surgical procedures, therapy guidelines, home maintenance, and troubleshooting issues of many common orthopedic surgical issues. The book is concise, easy to read, and applicable to what clinicians face in the daily treatment of postoperative patients. An early chapter covers tissue healing and emphasizes the importance of proper application of techniques, exercise, etc., through phases of rehabilitation. The unique features of this book are the clinical question and answer sections in each chapter and the troubleshooting section at the end of each postsurgical chapter. The primary limitation is the lack of surgical illustrations to better provide readers with a clear understanding of surgical technique.
Assessment:This is a high quality tool for clinical physical therapists. It provides concise and relevant evidence-based information in an easy to read manner with a supplemental CD-ROM.