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Foundations and Clinical Applications of Nutrition: A Nursing Approach

Foundations and Clinical Applications of Nutrition: A Nursing Approach
Author: Michele Grodner EdD CHES - Sara Long Roth PhD RD
ISBN 13: 9780323045292
ISBN 10: 323045294
Edition: 4
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2007-05-24
Format: Paperback
Pages: 640
List Price: $75.95

FOUNDATIONS AND CLINICAL APPLICATIONS OF NUTRITION: A NURSING APPROACH, second edition, approaches the study of nutrition and diet therapy from the personal and professional perspective of nursing students. The text emphasizes the role of nursing in health promotion and primary prevention as well as in illness. Includes life-span coverage, nursing process and cultural considerations throughout in a full-color design. The second edition includes expanded content on allergies, complementary therapies, and telenursing.

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Mary Ann Wehmer

This new book on foundations and clinical applicationof nutrition contains a solid base of dietary knowledge presentedwithin the nursing process. Physical and psychological dimensions ofsuccessful nutritional strategies are presented for nurses to utilizepersonally with themselves and their family as well as professionallywith patients receiving institutional care and with clients incommunity settings. The purpose is to provide basic nutritionalknowledge so that promotion of enhanced nutritional lifestyles can beunderstood and supported. The book is targeted for nursing studentsand nurses who are studying medical nutritional therapy and healthydietary habits; but secondary audiences that can benefit include healthcare professionals and students in a wide array of deliverysettings. Continual application of the nursing process is tied into aframework that provides holistic patient care to achieve and maintainwellness and Healthy People 2000 nutritional priorities. Some of thevaluable features include current dietary recommendations and foodlabeling requirements; age-related, body fat composition, and specificdisease process variations; multicultural, social, and controversialhealth issues; integrated food guide pyramid; and patient educationtools. This nutritional reference is an excellent tool for nursingstudents and nurses who interact with patients and clients on food andnutrition issues. The writing style is very effective in presentingserious topics in a clear style that makes studying nutrition rewardingand interesting. The appendix includes many valuable resources ofinformation, such as an extensive food composition table; food exchangelists and information on planningindividualized diets using theexchange list; comparison of weight-loss programs; and a current sourceof nutrition organization.