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Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Guidelines to Success, 4e

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Guidelines to Success, 4e
Author: John E. Hodgkin MD - Bartolome R. Celli MD - Geril
ISBN 13: 9780323045490
ISBN 10: 323045499
Edition: 4
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2008-10-10
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 592
List Price: $95.95

This updated edition addresses the need for team care of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and demonstrates how to organize and manage an effective pulmonary rehabilitation program. A guide for each member of the inpatient and home care pulmonary rehabilitation team, this book combines theory with resources for practice. Topics include: patient assessment; smoking cessation; pharmacologic therapy; nutrition support; aerosol/oxygen therapies; guidelines for marketing/administering a rehabilitation program in the United States and abroad; and forms, protocols, and schedules. New to the edition are: eight chapters covering ventilatory muscle training, outcomes measurement, sleep disorders, surgical intervention of COPD, rehabilitation for patients with neuromuscular disease, rehabilitation in nonobstructive lung disease, and European mechanical ventilation methods; international approaches to pulmonary rehabilitation from Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, the Philippines, and the United States; enhanced tables/boxes; and section headings and chapter outlines/objectives.

David H. Eubanks

Originally published in 1984 to promote the involvement of a health team to care for pulmonary patients, this edition continues this philosophy and advances team interaction by including knowledge, experience, and practical examples in 31 chapters involving 51 contributors from numerous professions. This book provides the reader with an array of facts that are crucial to understanding the details of how to provide pulmonary rehabilitation. From this perspective, the book is an excellent reference source for facts as well as operational guidelines. As such, it should be made available to practitioners who work with patients both in and out of the hospital setting. Even though the authors state that the book is directed primarily at respiratory therapists and pulmonary physicians, it is my belief that it would be of equal interest to pulmonary nurses, physical therapist, geriatricians, and healthcare planners involved with pulmonary rehabilitation. The book offers numerous features including references from historical and current sources, illustrations that are clear and easy to follow, tables that present what would be confusing facts in a concise format, and a team of knowledgeable authors who present their information with similar writing styles. In addition, the book presents a unique integration of theory with useful resources for practice including schedules, forms, and protocols. These features are professionally blended together into a standardized format throughout making the book easy to follow and comprehend. I believe the book is a useful reference for physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, health care planners and referral personnel. It contains unique information ina single source that would require numerous hours of library research. Its references are relevant and current and would be helpful to the reader who wishes to investigate any area in more detail. The book is a unique blend of scientific facts combined with practical applications to assist the reader in making the book an action resource rather than just a reference. It is strongly recommended that this book be available in reference libraries, bookstores and individual libraries. The new edition offers unique and current information not available in the first edition.