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Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection, 9e (RADIOLOGIC SCIENCE FOR TECHNOLOGISTS: PHYS, BIOL & PROTECTION)

Radiologic Science for Technologists: Physics, Biology, and Protection, 9e (RADIOLOGIC SCIENCE FOR TECHNOLOGISTS: PHYS, BIOL & PROTECTION)
Author: Stewart C. Bushong ScD FACR FACMP
ISBN 13: 9780323048378
ISBN 10: 323048374
Edition: 9
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2008-03-18
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 704
List Price: $117.95

Develop the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding technical factors and diagnostic imaging quality with this highly detailed, vibrantly illustrated, full-color resource. Updated with the latest advances in radiologic science, this new edition addresses a broad range of radiologic disciplines, providing a strong foundation in the study and practice of radiologic physics, imaging, radiobiology, radiation protection, and more. Unique learning tools strengthen your understanding of key concepts, and challenging review exercises help you prepare for success on the ARRT certification exam and in the workplace.

  • Quick-reference guides printed on colored end sheets provide easy access to frequently used formulas, conversion tables, abbreviations, and more.
  • Special Math Formulas boxes and Important Concepts boxes emphasize key chapter content.
  • A full-color design highlights important information and clarifies concepts.
  • Objectives, key terms, outlines, introductions, and summaries for every chapter help you organize material and identify vital information.
  • Challenge Questions at the end of each chapter test your understanding of terms, concepts, and formulas with a variety of definition exercises, short answer questions, and calculations.

  • Significant chapter updates help you ensure success on the ARRT exam and keep you current with the latest practices in mammography, interventional radiology, multislice spiral computed tomography, and radiation protection.
  • A new chapter on The Digital Image identifies the benefits and challenges of working with digital imaging and familiarizes you withtechnology you'll encounter in the clinical setting.
  • A new Viewing the Digital Image chapter guides you through the most up-to-date viewing practices to ensure an accurate understanding.
  • An expanded glossary introduces important new terms common to today's practice settings.

Brent Colby

This sixth edition provides radiologic technologistsand students of radiologic technology with a thorough, comprehensiveintroduction to the basic scientific principles of radiology. Theauthor conveys a working knowledge of radiologic science to radiologictechnologists and helps to prepare radiologic technology students fortheir certification examination. This significant task is accomplishedin a single volume. The primary audience of this book, radiologictechnologists and students of radiologic technology, will find usefulnew concepts in this, the sixth edition. Topics are introduced anddeveloped logically and clearly, typically within the context ofclinical radiography. The book is self-contained. There are hundredsof excellent color photographs, diagrams, and graphs throughout thebook. They are well done and clearly enhance the subject matter. Thematerial is very current and includes a large section dedicated tospecial x-ray imaging. The references are similarly current. Usefultables contain conversions, units, formulas, and a glossary. A chaptersummary and a set of review questions with answers appear at the end ofeach chapter. This is an excellent publication. It provides theprimary audience with a single reference for current information in alogical and easy-to-read format. This edition continues to be ascurrent as the technology within a modern radiology department. Everyradiologic technologist and student of radiologic technology should ownthis book.