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Sedation: A Guide to Patient Management, 5e

Sedation: A Guide to Patient Management, 5e
Author: Stanley F. Malamed DDS
ISBN 13: 9780323056809
ISBN 10: 323056806
Edition: 5
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2009-07-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 624
List Price: $99.95

This definitive, authoritative clinical manual stands alone in the field of patient sedation. Combining essential theory with technical instruction, it presents "everything in a nutshell" for the practicing professional and student of dentistry. Key factors such as the physical, emotional, and mental condition of the patient - as well as required ADA guidelines - are incorporated into sedation techniques designed to improve the patient's overall dental experience. The result is an indispensable book, expert in its professional protocols and techniques, and comprehensive in its wide-ranging considerations. Detailed chapters, divided into eight parts, are devoted to topics on: the problem of fear and anxiety in dentistry; pain and anxiety control; pharmacosedation; history and techniques of general anesthesia; inhalation and intravenous sedation, preparation and management of emergencies in the dental office; and sedation for special needs patients - pediatric, geriatric, and medical and physically compromised patients.

• Written by an acknowledged expert in the field, the book draws on a wealth of clinical experience and ability.
• Combines all aspects of sedation with essential theoretical and technical instruction.
• Techniques are divided into sections on pharmacology, armamentarium, and technique and complications - described in explicit detail that allows it to be used as a chairside reference.
• Pharmacosedation is covered in full, with discussions of oral, rectal, and IM premedication, as well as nine chapters on inhalation sedation and ten chapters on IV sedation.
• Covers all of the components required by the ADA guidelines: review of cardiovascular and respiratory physiology; selection of agents; techniques of administration; and management of complications and emergencies.
• Step-by-step descriptions of inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide and oxygen) and intravenous sedation provide a superb clinical "picture" of the procedures.
• Chapters on pediatric, geriatric and physically and medically compromised patients offer valuable, up-to-date information on the management of these special needs patients.
• In-depth discussions of the pharmacology of commonly used sedative agents allow the reader to fully understand properties and characteristics of drugs used.

• Content has been completely updated to include the most current drug dosage information.
• More information on recreational abuse of nitrous oxide reflects the current societal trends.
• The latest American Heart Association recommendations help prevent bacterial endocarditis.
• Increased emphasis on nitrous oxide/oxygen, as many dental hygienists are becoming certified to administer this form of sedation.
• New contributors lend credibility and experience to each topic discussed.
• Content outlines at the beginning of each chapter allow for quick reference of specific topics.
• Improved illustrations and photographs offer a fresh look, with high-quality art to aid in the visualization of techniques and procedures.

Spanish version of 3rd edition also available, ISBN: 84-8174-136-1

Scott W. Podlesh

This is the third edition of this popular textbook. The previous edition was published in 1989. Like the previous edition, this book attempts to provide the basic concepts needed for understanding both the pharmacology and clinical techniques used in outpatient dental sedation. The book also discusses in detail possible complication and emergency situations that occur during outpatient anesthesia. This book is designed to be used by students of dentistry, both at the doctoral and postdoctoral levels, as an adjunct to training in sedation that provides clinical management of patients in a properly supervised environment. This book includes many charts, illustrations, and black-and-white photographs. Unfortunately, the charts frequently lack the information needed to make them useful as quick references, and many of the photographs are dated and of poor quality. The references have been updated but remain predominantly unchanged from the previous edition. The index is complete and easy to use. This is a very useful book for those dental students (both doctoral and postdoctoral) interested in pursuing training in outpatient sedation. Although this is a fine textbook, a mistake in the index should be noted. Dr. Malamed writes, ""In November of 1994 the American Dental Association recognized dental anesthesiology as a dental specialty."" In fact, the American Dental Association voted in November 1994 to not recognize dental anesthesiology as a dental specialty.