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The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry

The Anatomical Basis of Dentistry
Author: Bernard Liebgott
ISBN 13: 9780323068079
ISBN 10: 323068073
Edition: 3rd
Publisher: Mosby
Publication Date: 2009-11-24
Format: Paperback
Pages: 528
List Price: $111.00

THE ANATOMICAL BASIS OF DENTISTRY, 2/e, is a comprehensive textbook of gross anatomy tailored specifically for undergraduate dental students. Unlike most anatomy books, this text highlights those regions of the head and neck that are of clinical relevance to the dental student. It follows the curriculum of the course in gross anatomy that every dental student must complete. Therefore, chapters dealing with the abdomen, back, and thorax are included. New, expanded coverage of the limbs has leant itself to two brand new chapters: The Upper Limb and The Lower Limb. Correlations are drawn between the basic science of applied anatomy and the clinical practice of dentistry. Applied anatomy is included throughout the book and in a separate chapter to help students retain a clear picture when these structures are encountered later on in their clinical years. The art program has been completely reworked resulting in digitized illustrations of the highest quality, most in a striking two-color format. Also included are 149 pages appearing in full color, emphasizing important concepts and anatomy of the skull and regions of the head.

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Reviewer:Sandra E Inouye, PhD(Midwestern University)
Description:This second edition of a gross anatomy textbook aimed at undergraduate dental students is filled with new photographs, useful tables, and schematics. The first edition was published in 1986.
Purpose:The book fulfills the need for a gross anatomy book aimed at this audience.
Audience:Although specifically tailored for undergraduate dental students, faculty teaching gross anatomy to students in other fields will find this text useful and informative in its treatment of the head and neck.
Features:Four of the 11 chapters are on head and neck; for completeness, a shorter treatment of areas that are not traditionally taught in dental gross anatomy courses is included. Throughout the book there are many clinical boxes, useful tables that summarize key information in the chapters, and many schematics that clearly illustrate important anatomical points. The only shortcomings are nominal: there are a couple of errors in the table of contents, the computer-generated images are not as nice as photographs, and a couple of photographs are not adequately labeled to discern what was being viewed. Nonetheless, the book is easy to read and comprehend, is organized well, and certainly fills a niche for students taking gross anatomy in dental school. .
Assessment:This second edition, in comparison to the first, adds more color printing, photographs, computer generated images, and more notes on clinical applications. The first edition was already a very good textbook, but the addition of these features with the expansion of chapters on the upper and lower limbs and the re-working of some chapters has improved the quality of the book. It is most certainly a useful educational textbook for dental students, but a much wider audience will also find it appealing.