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To Keep a Husband: An Ex-Wives Novel

To Keep a Husband: An Ex-Wives Novel
Author: Lindsay Graves
ISBN 13: 9780345485496
ISBN 10: 345485491
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Publication Date: 2007-03-27
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
List Price: $13.95

The ex-wives of Colina Linda are back . . . sassier and sexier than ever!

After an extravagant honeymoon with her million-dollar man, Lally Chandler-Clemente has devoted every moment (not spent shopping and gossiping) to her latest “it” charity. Meanwhile, former lawyer and well-heeled ex-wife Jessica Di Santini is hopelessly in love with a famous composer . . . who just happens to be Lally’s ex-husband. And Janey Martinez, once a Grade A frump, has put her inherited fortune to good use, purchasing a stunning designer wardrobe and a brand-new pair of double D’s.

Only Caitlin Latch isn’t faring very well. Struggling to fit in and living well above her means to keep up appearances, the eye-catching ex is losing hope along with her cash flow.

But when she meets a potentially eligible architect, she wonders, will he be her knight in shining armor, or Mr. Wrong? While Caitlin is in pursuit of her future husband, her son receives wild messages from a mystery e-mailer. Who’s on the other end of the cyberlink, and what does he know about Caitlin that she would like to keep quiet? In this uproariously funny, scrumptiously snarky tale, Caitlin and the other Colina Linda exes continue their pursuit of love and lavish bank accounts.

Publishers Weekly

Picking up where To Catch a Husband left off, the second installment of Graves's Ex-Wives series finds the women of fictional San Carlino, Calif., hosting charity fund-raisers, looking for rich men and chasing perfection. Caitlin Latch, who carries a fake Louis Vuitton and drives a "rattletrap" station wagon, stretches her finances to live among the wealthy so her preteen son, Aiden, can be "raised in a pleasant and secure environment." Of course, it doesn't hurt that she might meet a rich, handsome guy. (She does.) Lally Chandler Clemente, the only remarried ex-wife, has problems of her own when her "Eurotrashy" daughter comes to town, possibly to horn in on her marriage to her mega-rich husband. Meanwhile, Jessica DiSantini struggles over her relationship with a composer, and bitchy Janey Martinez pops pills and works her body to the max. Other than Janey, Graves's characters are unique and sympathetic, and their exploits and entanglements provide fast-paced fun. (Feb.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.