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Free Collars Kingdom 3

Free Collars Kingdom 3
Author: Takuya Fujima
ISBN 13: 9780345492678
ISBN 10: 345492676
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Del Rey
Publication Date: 2007-07-31
Format: Paperback
Pages: 224
List Price: $10.95


Cyan, a young Abyssinian cat, is combating enemies so that he can go on living in the basement of his old apartment building, the one place his beloved master might think to look for him. But Cyan must also fight to be accepted by the group of misfits who call that basement home! The gorgeous, evil, and slightly wacky Siam, leader of her own army, is determined to seize Cyan’s apartment building for herself. Cyan and his friends take the battle to Siam, but are they ready for the temptations and treachery that await them in Siam’s lair?

School Library Journal

Gr 8-10 Cyan, an Abyssinian cat, is abandoned in the basement Dumpster of an apartment building after his young owner dies. Believing his master's promise to come back from the hospital, Cyan resolves to stay there until his return and finds himself at the center of a turf war between bands of cats each trying to claim the location. The felines are primarily portrayed as humans with cat ears, fangs, and tails, but are occasionally shown as ordinary cats to indicate how they exist in the world to outsiders. The book has strong ties to otaku culture, with references to role-playing, other manga series, video games, and generally instilling in the characters-who are cats, remember-a disconcertingly deep love of the artifacts of human pop culture. Additionally, they all have special moves and signature attacks, much like anime-series or video-game figures. The way that this animal world is portrayed can be fun, and it's interesting to see humanoid characters so tiny next to artifacts of human culture, but that's not quite enough to keep readers' interest. The first chapter sets up the central conflicts-an ancient legacy, two warring clans, a love interest-but then each subsequent chapter explains how Cyan will relate to the other cats in his basement. Kingdom feels slow and formulaic, and while the artwork has style, the similarly formulaic character design makes it seem staid.-Benjamin Russell, Belmont High School, NH