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Epileptic (Pantheon Graphic Novels)

Epileptic (Pantheon Graphic Novels)
Author: David B.
ISBN 13: 9780375714689
ISBN 10: 375714685
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Pantheon
Publication Date: 2006-07-04
Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
List Price: $19.95

Hailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe’s most important and innovative comics artists, David B. has created a masterpiece in Epileptic, his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother. Epileptic gathers together and makes available in English for the first time all six volumes of the internationally acclaimed graphic work.

David B. was born Pierre-François Beauchard in a small town near Orléans, France. He spent an idyllic early childhood playing with the neighborhood kids and, along with his older brother, Jean-Christophe, ganging up on his little sister, Florence. But their lives changed abruptly when Jean-Christophe was struck with epilepsy at age eleven. In search of a cure, their parents dragged the family to acupuncturists and magnetic therapists, to mediums and macrobiotic communes. But every new cure ended in disappointment as Jean-Christophe, after brief periods of remission, would only get worse.

Angry at his brother for abandoning him and at all the quacks who offered them false hope, Pierre-François learned to cope by drawing fantastically elaborate battle scenes, creating images that provide a fascinating window into his interior life. An honest and horrifying portrait of the disease and of the pain and fear it sowed in the family, Epileptic is also a moving depiction of one family’s intricate history. Through flashbacks, we are introduced to the stories of Pierre-François’s grandparents and we relive his grandfathers’ experiences in both World Wars. We follow Pierre-François through his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, all the while charting his complicated relationship with his brother and Jean-Christophe”s losing battle with epilepsy. Illustrated with beautiful and striking black-and-white images, Epileptic is as astonishing, intimate, and heartbreaking as the best literary memoir.

The New York Times - Rick Moody

Because it is unafraid to dwell in detail on cultural and intellectual lineage, Epileptic seems to be influenced as much by Gide, Foucault, Malraux and Barthes as by Spiegelman. It is less a graphic novel, that is, than a bildungsroman about the artist as reader of continental philosophy, wherein Jean-Christophe's epilepsy, and its attendant familial disorder, are the fulcrum that forces Pierre-Francois to become the author David B., spawning his magnificent pictures, drawings full of the iconographies of both atavism and surrealism.