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Whose Feet? (Step into Reading)

Whose Feet? (Step into Reading)
Author: Nina Hess
ISBN 13: 9780375826238
ISBN 10: 375826238
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2004-03-23
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32
List Price: $3.99

Mole claws scrape out a new home. A duck uses her webbed feet to flip underwater and search for a snack. Orangutan feet grab on tight as they swing from vine to vine. Who knew that feet could be so special and perform such extraordinary feats!

Susan Hepler, Ph.D. - Children's Literature

Various animals introduce the concept of specialized body parts: the mole has good digging feet, the cheetah feet are like soccer cleats which enable it to run fast, bunnies use feet to hop, bats use feet to hang, ducks to splash and swim, and orangutans have feet almost like hands so that they can grasp. The text ends with a summary of all those animal feet can do and the many things a child can do. Then the text repeats "Whose feet can...." which nearly proficient readers can gain confidence with. The text features many consonant blends, a few more challenging words and longer sentences than the usual beginning reader so is more appropriate for one who is already launched into reading simple stories. Illustrations use a variety of close-ups to further the guessing game of "Whose feet can..." and help propel young readers into thinking about versatility and diversity in the animal world. Children could have some fun making their own "whose nose...eyes...ears...mouth...skin..." books, many of which can also be found in print elsewhere. This book is part of the "Step into Reading" series, Level 2. 2004, Random House, Ages 4 to 7.