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Don't Know Much About Geography

Don't Know Much About Geography
Author: Kenneth C. Davis
ISBN 13: 9780380713790
ISBN 10: 380713799
Edition: Fifth or Later Edition
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: 1995
Format: Paperback
Pages: N/A
List Price: N/A

From often amusing perceptions people have had through the ages about the world and the universe to the changing map of today, Davis shows how geography is really a great crossroads of many fields: biology, meteorology, astronomy, history, economics, and even politics. In this lively, entertaining, and endlessly fascinating presentation, you'll hear about the personalities that helped shape the world and learn the answers to questions that have vexed most of us since grade school. Along the way, Davis offers an affectionate ode to the earth: a celebration of the earth, a searching investigation of the destruction of our habitat, and a practical guide to saving our home planet.

For anyone who has felt geographically ignorant ever since gas stations stopped handing out free maps, Don't Know Much About® Geography is enormously informative entertainment.

Publishers Weekly

The author of the successful Don't Know Much About History returns to correct his countrymen's lack of knowledge about geography, a lack established when Americans aged 18 to 24 scored lowest on a 1988 test of geographic literacy given to young people of all industrialized nations. Davis writes with an entertaining, breezy touch and encompasses such interesting considerations as the origin of the belief in a race of Amazons. Besides essential geographic information, chapters cover the history of geographical studies, an overview of large cities of the past and present, the effect of climate on developing civilizations and astronomy. Helpful lists, ranging from glossaries to current and former names of countries and U.N. membership are included. Davis's eminently readable treatise should help remedy an ignorance that has even been discussed in the U.S. Senate. Author tour. (Oct.)\