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The Heir (Reid Family)

The Heir (Reid Family)
Author: Johanna Lindsey
ISBN 13: 9780380793341
ISBN 10: 380793342
Edition: Reprint
Publisher: Avon
Publication Date: 2001-04-03
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 416
List Price: $7.99

Johanna Lindsey has many gifts: the extraordinaryability to bring a woman's most cherisheddreams of romance to glorious life on the page;the talent to create characters with such flair andfire that they remain forever in memory andclose to the heart; and the genius to seamlesslyblend passion, wit, and emotion in uniquely richand original stories. Her gifts have madeJohanna one of the most beloved writers of romanticfiction in the world—and have made every one of her more than thirty novels a bestseller.

Has anyone in London ever takenpart in the coming-out season with less enthusiasmthan Sabrina? She is young, lovely, and possesses asparkling wit, yet she knows she is but a simpleorphaned country girl—whose grandfather justhappened to have been a nobleman—and thereforefeels dreadfully out of place. Luckily Ophelia, thedaughter of a family friend, has been chosen to usherSabrina through the perils and pitfalls of this all-important first season.What better guide than thisterribly sophisticated blond beauty who is themost sought-after lady in the city?

Even less keen to be in London isDuncan MacTavish. Having lived twenty-onedeliriously contented years in the Scottish Highlands,he has recently learned he is the sole heir of anEnglish Marquis and is now required to assume hisgrandfather's title and estates. Worse still, a betrothalhas already been arranged without his consentto the ravishing, viper-tongued Ophelia'who hasbeen heard to make scathing statements in public about her Scottish barbarian groom-to-be.

Bad circumstance, however, can sometimes have distinctly pleasurable advantages'especially whenhis unwanted intended's sudden desire to repentbrings thedashing highlander into close proximitywith the enchanting Sabrina. Now this is a womanfor whom Duncan would willingly abandon hisbeloved Scotland: a kindred spirit whose wit delightshim...and whose essence is the exquisite stuff ofdreams. But duty and station forbid Sabrina's andDuncan's desired union. And a ecret dwells in thelady's past, and it threatens their romance. Under such adverse conditions a match that should be,a passion that must be, cannot possibly be—unless true love can somehow, miraculously find a way.

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First rate romance.