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How Writers Work: Finding a Process That Works for You

How Writers Work: Finding a Process That Works for You
Author: Ralph Fletcher
ISBN 13: 9780380797028
ISBN 10: 38079702
Edition: 1
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: 2000-07-25
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
List Price: $5.99

The Secret of Writing

Its misleading to think of writers as special creatures, word sorcerers who possess some sort of magic knowledge hidden from everyone else. Writers are ordinary people who like to write. They feel the urge to write, and scratch that itch every chance they have. Writers get their ideas down on paper using particular strategies that seem to work for them. These strategies are available to anyone who wants to be a writer

... Revealed!

There is no secret. But there is a process. If you like to write, there are definite steps you can take to help you reach your goals. Good writing isn't forged by magic or hatched out of thin air. Good writing happens when human beings follow particular steps to take control o their sentences-to make their words do what they want them to do.

This book will show you how writers work, how you can become a writer, and how you can find a process that works for you


This charming little book offers a solid, user-friendly introduction to the fundamental steps of the writing process. Fletcher uses a clear and simple prose style to lead young readers through the creative writing process, from generating an idea and writing the first draft, to rereading and revising, to proofreading, editing, and publishing. Along the way, he discusses the importance of finding a suitable place to write, strategies for brainstorming, and methods of overcoming writer's block. Also included are several author interviews to provide alternative approaches to the writing process as well as a bibliography of recommended fiction and writing-related nonfiction. Although the book is aimed at a pre-YA audience, beginning writers of any age may find inspiration in the practical strategies and encouraging sentiments set forth in this simple but elegant guide. KLIATT Codes: JS—Recommended for junior and senior high school students. 2000, HarperTrophy, 114p, bibliog, 20cm, 00-27573, $4.95. Ages 13 to 18. Reviewer: Jeffrey Cooper; Writer/Editor, Long Island, NY, November 2000 (Vol. 34 No. 6)