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You Are the Message

You Are the Message
Author: Roger Ailes
ISBN 13: 9780385265423
ISBN 10: 385265425
Edition: Reissue
Publisher: Crown Business
Publication Date: 1995-12-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
List Price: $16.95

"You are the message." What does that mean, exactly? It means that when you communicate with someone, it's not just the words you choose to send to the other person that make up the message.  You're also sending signals about what kind of person you are—by your eyes, your facial expression, your body movement, your vocal pitch, tone, volume, and intensity, your commitment to your message, your sense of humor, and many other factors.

The receiving person is bombarded with symbols and signals from you. Everything you do in relation to other people causes them to make judgments about what you stand for and what your message is.  "You are the message" comes down to the fact that unless you identify yourself as a walking, talking message, you miss that critical point.  

The words themselves are meaningless unless the rest of you is in synchronization.  The total you affects how others think of and respond to you.