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Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot

Faith and Treason: The Story of the Gunpowder Plot
Author: Antonia Fraser
ISBN 13: 9780385471909
ISBN 10: 385471904
Edition: First Paperback Edition
Publisher: Anchor
Publication Date: 1997-10-13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
List Price: $17.00

The true story of the 1650 plot to blow up the House of Parliament and King James I.

Publishers Weekly

Although the 'Gunpowder Plot' of 1605 to blow up Parliament as it was being opened by James I was foiled, the holiday it spawned, Guy Fawkes Day, is still marked each November 5. With political-religious terrorism now a hazard of everyday life, Fraser's searching look at the failed conspiracy of Robert Catesby (the actual planner) and Guy Fawkes could not be more timely. The narrative, however, is slowed by analysis as she examines whether the 'facts' obtained by torture and showy trials were genuine. Despite the graphic picture of anti-Catholic excesses, which the violence was intended to undo, and the agonizing punishment meted out to innocent and guilty alike, the pace is plodding. Biographer Fraser is at her best in limning lives: 'Little John' Owen, the steadfast lay brother skilled at constructing hiding places for priests; Father Henry Garnet, a martyred divine of extraordinary intellect and courage; his patroness, the faithful, often-imprisoned Anne Vaux; and especially young Sir Everard Digby, a gallant courtier who, though drawn into the conspiracy at the last moment, was the first to mount the scaffold. Traditionally, the executioner cut out the condemned person's heart before the body ceased twitching, to claim, while eager crowds watched: 'Here is the heart of a traitor.' However anatomically impossible, Digby's 'spirited riposte,' supposedly, was 'Thou Liest.' Coming off far less favorably are the king, who retracted his promises of religious toleration; Sir Edward Coke, the country's leading judge, here a juridical monster; and Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, the bigoted power behind the throne occupied only a few years earlier by the great Elizabeth.