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What If . . . All the Boys Wanted You (What If... (Quality))

What If . . . All the Boys Wanted You (What If... (Quality))
Author: Liz Ruckdeschel - Sara James
ISBN 13: 9780385732970
ISBN 10: 38573297
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: 2006-09-26
Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
List Price: $8.95

Haley's back at Hillsdale High after a New England vacation with her family. She's got a new haircut and some great new clothes, but the same problems—and the same people—continue to follow her. Coco and Whitney want to groom her to become the next Coquette now that they've kicked Sasha to the curb, but is Haley ready to make the changes they demand? Meanwhile, Sasha seems to be in serious trouble, and Irene is still willing to take Haley to San Francisco with her. So many possibilities! So many choices! Haley's future is in your hands—choose wisely!

Children's Literature

Haley Miller finds herself attempting to navigate another year of high school, friends, classes, and boys. Hillsdale High School is a stage, filled with interesting characters: popular girls (Coco, Whitney, Sasha); the artistic type (Irene); the nice but needy (Annie); and the boys (Reese, Drew, Johnny, Matt, Sebastian, Devon—just for a start). Of course, being successful in such a world means making the right choices. Haley is faced with many decisions. Should she pursue the popular kids? Go to class? Spend time with mom? Check on a troubled friend? As time goes on, the decisions become more serious. Should she participate in the stripping game? Take a drink? Turn her friend in to the police? Readers make the choice for Haley at the end of each chapter, choosing which way they want the story to go. There are a variety of possible endings. Some choices are dead-ends, sending readers back to page one to start again. Some are disappointing, as bad choices lead Haley to regret them. Can readers help Haley find a happy ending? The story line is confusing in places, with so many threads running through, but teen girls will enjoy making choices for Haley and reading about how those choices pan out.