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Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy

Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy
Author: Gopal B. Saha
ISBN 13: 9780387403601
ISBN 10: 387403604
Edition: 5th
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2003-11-14
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 383
List Price: $84.95

Established as a classic text on nuclear chemistry and pharmacy, Fundamentals of Nuclear Pharmacy has been thoroughly revised with new information added covering innovations in imaging technology and clinical applications in the field. The Sixth Edition also eliminates outdated information from previous editions on radiopharmaceuticals now discontinued from the market. Dr. Gopal B. Saha’s books have continually been praised for their clarity and accuracy while setting new standards for making complex theoretical concepts readily understandable to the reader. Like past editions, this book is intended to be used as a textbook on nuclear chemistry and pharmacy for nuclear medicine residents and students and as a reference book for nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists. New sections in the Sixth Edition include: • PET/CT and SPECT/CT • Digital Imaging • Exploratory IND • Nanoparticle Imaging • Treatment of liver cancer with 90Y-TheraSpheres and 90Y-SIR-Spheres • Treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma with 131I-Bexxar

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Reviewer:William C Cole, Ph.D.(University of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
Description:This is the fifth edition of a standard textbook of nuclear pharmacy that has been a mainstay of graduate training since 1979. The dynamic nature of radiopharmaceutical development makes this new edition both welcome and needed.
Purpose:This book provides the basic scientific, clinical, and regulatory framework for an introduction to the practice of nuclear pharmacy. As such, the revisions in this edition incorporate newer radiopharmaceuticals and regulatory information necessary for a current understanding of the field. Elimination of older/obsolete radiopharmaceuticals from those presented in previous editions help to clean up the otherwise large compendium of agents historically used in nuclear medicine and pharmacy.
Audience:The book is intended for a broad population of readers to include nuclear medicine residents and technologists as well as a reference for radiologists. It would also be appropriate for a survey course in the initial training of nuclear pharmacists. Due to the breadth of the material covered and the intended audience, one cannot expect to find an in-depth treatment of many of the covered topics. By design, it avoids mathematical rigor in the discussion of nuclear physics and chemistry.
Features:As an introduction, this book provides rather comprehensive coverage of all relevant material needed for nuclear pharmacy. In addition to a basic discussion of the nature of radioactivity and atomic physics, this book addresses fundamental information about radiation detection and measurement, regulations regarding the medical use of radioactive materials, short descriptions of the nature and clinical utility of a large list of radiopharmaceuticals, and a glimpse into the future of molecular imaging. This reviewer would have enjoyed a brief discussion of the history of radioactive materials in medicine. Some of the clinical images presented could have better reflected the current state-of-the art with respect to image quality. As appropriate for a textbook, each chapter concludes with a set of questions. Thankfully, an appendix of the answers is also provided.
Assessment:This is a welcome update of the four previous editions. Students of nuclear pharmacy can rely on the accuracy of the content and breadth of the topics covered. This work has become a true accepted standard in the field and this new edition lives up to the laudable goals of past editions.