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Radiation Protection and Dosimetry: An Introduction to Health Physics

Radiation Protection and Dosimetry: An Introduction to Health Physics
Author: Michael G. Stabin
ISBN 13: 9780387499826
ISBN 10: 387499822
Edition: 2008
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2007-08-23
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 384
List Price: $99.00

This comprehensive text provides an overview of all relevant topics in the field of radiation protection (health physics). Radiation Protection and Dosimetry serves as an essential handbook for practicing health physics professionals, and is also ideal as a teaching text for courses at the university level. The book is organized to introduce the reader to basic principles of radiation decay and interactions, to review current knowledge and historical aspects of the biological effects of radiation, and to cover important operational topics such as radiation shielding and dosimetry. In addition to presenting the most up to date treatment of the topics and references to the literature, most chapters contain numerical problems with their solutions for use in teaching or self assessment. One chapter is devoted to Environmental Health Physics, which was written in collaboration with leading professionals in the area.

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Reviewer:Dean W. Broga, Ph.D.(Virginia Commonwealth University)
Description:This introduction to health physics is meant to serve as the basis for a two-course series in the study of radiation protection. All of the problem questions and solutions are available from the RADAR web site.
Purpose:It is designed to provide a complete academic introduction to all information needed to understand heath physics. In the preface, the author indicates that in-depth course instructors will need to supplement many of the chapters with current material from the literature, a detailed study of the regulations, practice with real-world dose and shielding calculations, and perhaps a semester-long student project.
Audience:The book is meant for individuals wishing to study radiation protection/health physics. Many of the chapters discuss advanced concepts and mathematical models that are appropriate individuals seeking an in-depth understanding of radiation protection. The author clearly indicates that many of these chapters need to be supplemented with additional materials and texts in order to develop a full understanding of the subject.
Features:A few of the chapters are designed to be a guide for working professionals (internal and external dosimetry). The chapter devoted to environmental health physics was written in collaboration with leading professionals in this area. The majority of the material is timely, addressing the most up-to-date concepts at the time of writing. There are many problem questions and solutions in the book and additional solutions are available from the RADAR web site.
Assessment:This book provides a comprehensive overview of health physics that makes it very useful as teaching text. It is clear and concise and the problems and examples further elucidate the material. If the book has one shortcoming, it is that the majority of the pictures and graphics are in black and white. It this era of color graphics and web-based presentations, this makes the book feel dated (which it isn't).