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Family-Oriented Primary Care

Family-Oriented Primary Care
Author: Susan H. McDaniel - Thomas L. Campbell - Jeri Hepw
ISBN 13: 9780387986142
ISBN 10: 387986146
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: 2004-08-27
Format: Paperback
Pages: 484
List Price: $149.00

The first edition of Family-Oriented Primary Care helped bring the family approach to health care into the medical mainstream. This new edition, like the first, will provide the health care professional with a practical guide to working with and treating both the individual patient and the family. Tackling challenging and emerging issues such as AIDS and the family, race and gender, child abuse and domestic violence in addition to pregnancy, child behavior and chronic illness, this volume is sure to be an indispensable guide to the primary care provider.

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Reviewer:Malek H Akhal, MD(Creighton University Medical Center)
Description:Family-Oriented Primary Care in its second edition (the first edition was published in 1990) reinforces the idea of applying the biopsychosocial model for patient care. Specifically, it emphasizes the concept of utilizing "The Family" as a practical and efficient way of delivering healthcare.
Purpose:The purpose of this book is to shed light on the well-rounded biopsychosocial approach and the utilization of "The Family" as a practical, complete and efficient way of delivering good quality healthcare. These objectives are worthwhile especially in an era of "super sub-specialization" and the ever increasing demands on and costs of the health sector. Readers of this book will find that the objectives are met.
Audience:The book, as per the authors, is addressed not only to primary practitioners but extends beyond that to include interested specialists, students, and residents. The authors base the knowledge in this book on few evidence-based trials and on their personal experience with their patients. I largely agree on the target audience, although I doubt the interest of specialists in the subject matter.
Features:The book covers all aspects of family-based primary care, including but not limited to, the pros of such approach, proper interviewing skills, and dealing with various clinical scenarios. The unique features of this book include the various real-life clinical encounters, tables, and diagrammatic illustrations.
Assessment:In its second edition, "Family-Oriented Primary Care" is an updated and comprehensive book addressing the concept of biopsychosocial approach to healthcare and the utilization of "The Family" as the vector for delivering a complete, efficient, and good quality care. Compared to the first edition, it covers topics that apply to a bigger audience and has more evidence-based facts.