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Logic Made Easy: How to Know When Language Deceives You

Logic Made Easy: How to Know When Language Deceives You
Author: Deborah J. Bennett
ISBN 13: 9780393326925
ISBN 10: 393326926
Edition: Revised ed.
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: 2005-07-17
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
List Price: $16.95

"The best introduction to logic you will find."—Martin Gardner

Publishers Weekly

In this compact, fluently written survey leavened with humor, New Jersey mathematics professor Bennett (Randomness) entertains as she instructs, focusing on "the barriers we face in trying to communicate logically with each other." The author covers the ancient Greeks (the Greek word logos means "knowledge"), then such giants as Leibniz and Newton, who helped rescue the study of logic from classical languages, finally modern mathematicians and philosophers like Whitehead and Russell. In discussing topics like syllogisms, she uses tables and diagrams that shouldn't daunt anyone with a firm foundation in high school algebra and geometry. The book's most interesting chapter explains why if is perhaps the most problematical word in any verbal proposition. Everyone, including the hopelessly innumerate, will find Bennett's lessons in the tricks of speech invaluable, particularly in this election year. Agent, Ed Knappman at New England Publishing Associates. (Apr. 12) Forecast: A blurb from Martin Gardner will alert his fans that Logic Made Easy is of the same quality as his popular books on logic, math and philosophy. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.