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Is There No Place on Earth for Me?

Is There No Place on Earth for Me?
Author: Susan Sheehan
ISBN 13: 9780394713786
ISBN 10: 394713788
Edition: 1
Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: 1983-05-12
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
List Price: $16.00

" A brilliantly documented chronicle of young woman's long struggle with schizophrenia."

— Willard Gaylin, The New Republic

"Sylvia Frumkin," highly intelligent young girl, became a schizophrenic in her late teens and spent most of the next seventeen years in anti out of mental institutions. Susan Sheehan, a talented reporter followed "Sylvia" for almost a year talking with and observing her listening to her monologues, sitting in on consultations with doctors, even for a period sleeping in the bed next to her in a mental hospital.

"Susan Sheehan has committed an extraordinary act of journalism....She brings relentless intelligent attention to bear on a particular case, a journalistic practice that almost always results in new and disturbing insights into those mindless generalities and prejudice and certitudes we tend to carry around with us." — Meg Greenfield, front page Washington Post Book World

"Sheehan is tenacious, observant and unsentimental. The history of a single patient leads us into a maze of understaffed institutions, bureaucratic fumbling, trial-and-error treatment and familial incomprehension. Though Sheehan keeps herself invisible, her sympathy is palpable."

— Walter Clemons, Newsweek

By the author of Lift for Me Ain't Been No Crystal Stair