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Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide

Therapeutic Touch: A Practical Guide
Author: Janet Macrae
ISBN 13: 9780394755885
ISBN 10: 39475588
Edition: 1
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Publication Date: 1994-03
Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
List Price: $14.00

A comprehensive instruction guide to the gentle, powerful, non-invasive healing technique being used increasingly both inside and outside the medical profession. Available to anyone searching to help others in pain.

Publishers Weekly

This is a clear and concise introduction to therapeutic touch, a healing art based on the ancient practice of lying on hands. Although still considered experimental, therapeutic touch is used in many hospitals alongside more conventional medicine to alleviate a variety of injuries and illnesses. Macrae, who taught nursing at New York University, gives a balanced presentation of theory and practice. The theory is based on the concept of an energy field surrounding the bodymuch as a gravitational field surrounds objects. When a person is ill, the flow of energy around his body is congested or obstructed. A trained practitioner can feel these blockages and use his hands to help clear them and to redirect the patient's energy flow to a more healthy pattern. Readers are encourage to try to cure their friends' headaches; helpful illustrations are included. (February)