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Young Citizens of the World: Teaching Elementary Social Studies Through Civic Engagement

Young Citizens of the World: Teaching Elementary Social Studies Through Civic Engagement
Author: Marilynne Boyle-Baise - Jack Zevin
ISBN 13: 9780415999410
ISBN 10: 415999413
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: 2009-03-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
List Price: $59.95

  • What really counts as social studies?
  • What does good social studies teaching look like?

Young Citizens of the World takes a clear stance: Social studies is about citizenship education that is informed, deliberative, and activist - citizenship not only as a noun, something one studies, but as a verb, something one DOES. The holistic, multicultural approach is based on this clear curricular and pedagogical purpose.

Straightforward, engaging, and highly interactive, the text lays out a three-part process for civic preparation that helps students understand their world and their place, as citizens, in it: becoming informed, thinking it through, and taking action. Six outstanding teaching strategies bring this framework to life. Each chapter is written as a civic engagement. Teaching/learning projects throughout are invitations to learn through intensive, integrated meaningful studies of special places, important people, and significant times. These civic engagements are teacher-ready for use in elementary classrooms. Readers are encouraged to rehearse the projects in their social studies education courses and then to reinterpret them for their classrooms.

Providing a powerful alternative to the Expanding Horizons social studies curriculum, this text is a compelling choice for elementary social studies education courses, as well as for practicing teachers who wish to enhance their social studies instruction.