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The Myth of Male Power

The Myth of Male Power
Author: Warren Farrell
ISBN 13: 9780425181447
ISBN 10: 425181448
Edition: Reissue
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publication Date: 2001-01-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 488
List Price: $16.00

More than a classic bestseller...

"a bombshell"* in the battle between the sexes.

Beyond anger. Beyond controversy. Beyond dogma...

...lies understanding. This is what bestselling author Warren Farrell discovered when he took a stand against established views of the male role in society, and pursued a course of study to find out who men really are. Here are the eye-opening, heart-rending, and undeniably enlightening results...

A deeply liberating work that empowers both sexes and deepens love...Read it, please. (Harold Bloomfield, M.D.)

A bombshell...Forces us to see our everyday world from a fresh perspective. (Camille Paglia, The Washington Post)

This is one terrific book...As groundbreaking and provocative as The Feminine Mystique was decades ago. (Carol Cassell, Ph.D., author of Tender Bargaining)

Provocative ideas likely to challenge...should be a part of any future discussion of the gender issue. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Powerful insights...For men and women, The Myth of Male Power could be an unforgettable wake-up call. (David Kaplan, Houston Post)

Intellectual dynamite...Farrell continues to open genuine communication between the sexes. (Anthony Robbins)

Impressive and important. (Nancy Friday)

Explosive...armed with hundreds of thoroughly documented statistics and legal citings...its very provocativeness.... (Kirkus Reviews (starred review))

Publishers Weekly

Men who make their way through the interminable subtitle and embark on this orignal and significant study will find that they haven't lost the ability to cry after all. While some feminists may assert that it is an attack on women, the book attempts to show areas in which males operate at a disadvantage without claiming that women are responsible for their plight. Psychologist Farrell stresses economics, pointing out that the 25 worst types of jobs, involving the highest physical risk, are almost all filled by men. He also considers warfare, in which virtually all of the military casualties are men; the justice system, where sentences for males are customarily heavier; and sexual harassment, which has become a one-way street. He concludes with helpful advice on ``resocializing'' the male child, adolescent and adult. Clever cartoons enliven the text. (Aug.)