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Ways That Work: Putting Social Studies Standards into Practice

Ways That Work: Putting Social Studies Standards into Practice
Author: Tarry Lindquist
ISBN 13: 9780435089078
ISBN 10: 435089072
Edition: 1
Publisher: Heinemann
Publication Date: 1997-11-03
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200
List Price: $31.88

Faced with recent state and national mandates, many veteran social studies teachers are now required to explore new content and achieve new goals-often without any guidance. New teachers are at an even greater disadvantage, wondering what exactly they are supposed to teach and how to go about it. In Ways That Work, Tarry Lindquist provides some answers.

Ways That Work is an idea book from start to finish, modeling several different ways social studies content can be organized in elementary and middle school classrooms. Each chapter:

  • identifies a specific standard and a goal
  • presents strategies to help you achieve the goal
  • outlines how to put the strategies into place
  • describes essential skills you can develop
  • suggests ways you can incorporate other subject areas, especially language arts and literature
  • presents proven assessment techniques
  • concludes with a detailed bibliography of student books and references.

Together, the chapters illustrate that there is no one way to teach social studies-that the magic of teaching social studies lies in the richness of the available content, the variety of strategies to choose from, and the diversity of viewpoints to explore. The value of Ways That Work increases as you make the strategies your own. Both preservice and inservice teachers will find it a source of fresh ideas for their classrooms.