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The Word-Conscious Classroom: Building the Vocabulary Readers and Writers Need

The Word-Conscious Classroom: Building the Vocabulary Readers and Writers Need
Author: Judith Scott - Bonnie Skobel - Jan Wells
ISBN 13: 9780439845663
ISBN 10: 439845661
Edition: 60264th
Publisher: Scholastic Teaching Resources (Theory an
Publication Date: 2008-03-01
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
List Price: $23.99

Want to guarantee that students are learning rich vocabulary all day, everyday—and, by doing this, improving their reading and writing? In this lively, research-based book, based on successful classroom practice, the authors offer dozens of strategies, mini-lessons, units , and activities that increase students' exposure to and appreciation of sophisticated language.

A sampling of the vocabulary-focused strategies and tools include:

* Using daily read alouds and think alouds during shared reading to gather powerful language from literature

* Organizing literature circles with one student serving as the ""word hunter""

* Engaging in whole class and small group lively games such as gift of words bingo and ricochet

* Using mentor texts as models for writing class books

* Appointing all students to be ""word catchers"" and ""word coaches"" for each other

* Establishing a classroom community where it is considered normal to ask about word meanings and experimenting with language

* Collecting and displaying words in the ""Bank of Powerful Language""

* Offering rubrics for word learning assessment

In addition, the authors offer lively ways to enhance word consciousness by linking reading and writing through step-by-step units on poetry, memoir, stories, and research writing. For use with Grades 2–6.