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Crazy Cars

Crazy Cars
Author: Gordon Volke
ISBN 13: 9780439856744
ISBN 10: 439856744
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Publication Date: 2006-07-01
Format: Board book
Pages: 14
List Price: $8.99

Lots of busy crazy cars are driving round and round. Where are they all going? What's brought them into town? This sturdy board book has a plastic carrying handle and colorful car-shaped beads on a built-in abacus. As the bouncy rhyming story progresses, kids can move the cars one at a time along the abacus. This introduces the concept of addition, spread by spread. The final spread introduces subtraction as the cars move back to their starting points!

Children's Literature

This large format board book has a plastic handle with five color-coded race cars. The idea is to have some fun while counting (colors are also part of the educational process). At the end of the text on each spread, readers are told to move a certain colored car and count it. Each time a car is moved the counting begins again. So it is one, then two on up to five. The counting part can be grasped fairly easily by most kids, but then the book moves on to teach some basic addition. Move one car then another car and you have one plus one, which equals two. Again that process continues up to five. The most difficult concept to grasp is subtraction or take away, as it is called. That starts again by moving cars from one side of the track to another and counting what is left. If you have five cars and move two away then there are three left. The book may be a useful tool to help those struggling to understand math—sometimes actually doing the moving and counting makes it easier to understand. A companion book is entitled Dizzy Dinos.