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True Love

True Love
Author: Millie Criswell
ISBN 13: 9780446604994
ISBN 10: 446604992
Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: 1999-06-01
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 352
List Price: $21.99

A delightful new romance filled with passion and adventure set in the Old West. Ever since novelist Emily Jean Bartlett saw legendary cowboy Jess Murdock in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, she wanted to write about him. When her faithful publisher is threatened, she decides the time is ripe for bestseller Jess Murdock: Hellraiser of the West. Emily buys a ticket to Montana and knocks at Jess' door only to find him gone on a cattle drive for several days. Introducing herself as a cousin from New York, Emily convinces the housekeeper to let her stay until Jess's return. By the time Jess comes home, Emily has already woven herself into a fabulous and ornate web of stories mixing fact and fiction. Jess does not call her bluff, thinking Emily is part of a trap laid by his ex-wife to get custody of their son. Emily can wheedle no information from him with which to write a paragraph, let alone a book. Finally, finding that her attraction to Jess is distracting her from her work, Emily decides to face him head on and seduce him according to the ways of her penny novels. But what kind of a future can there be for a city girl caught in a web of her own lies and a cowboy leery of marriage?

Romantic Times

.[A] delightful, sweet, heartwarming story.