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Seduced By Shadows: A Novel of the Marked Souls

Seduced By Shadows: A Novel of the Marked Souls
Author: Jessa Slade
ISBN 13: 9780451228284
ISBN 10: 451228286
Edition: Original
Publisher: Signet
Publication Date: 2009-10-06
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Pages: 400
List Price: $7.99

When Sera Littlejohn meets a violet-eyed stranger, he reveals a supernatural battle veiled in the shadows, and Sera is tempted to the edge of madness by a dangerous desire. Ferris Archer takes Sera under his wing, now that she is a talyan-possessed by a repentant demon with hellish powers. Archer's league of warriors have never fought beside a female before, and never in all his centuries has Archer found a woman who captivates him like Sera.

With the balance shifting between good and evil, passion and possession, Sera and Archer must defy the darkness and dare to embrace a love that will mark them forever.

Publishers Weekly

Slade's debut presents a dark and dense supernatural conflict with high stakes in a world where demons and angels possess humans and use them as tools in the unending fight between heaven and hell. After an accident leaves Sera Littlejohn crippled and in constant pain, a seductive stranger promises to make her whole again. She has no idea it's a demon whose price includes sharing her body and granting her supernatural powers. Ferris Archer, also possessed, has met many demon-ridden men, but he's shocked to find a woman in the same position. Now he must determine if her new demon is repentant and willing to fight for good, or if he will have to kill her to banish an evil spirit. All that's missing from this rich crossover urban fantasy is a little more romantic tension. (Oct.)