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Letters to a Young Conservative (Art of Mentoring (Paperback))

Letters to a Young Conservative (Art of Mentoring (Paperback))
Author: Dinesh D'Souza
ISBN 13: 9780465017348
ISBN 10: 465017347
Edition: First paperback Edition 2
Publisher: Basic Books
Publication Date: 2005-04-13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
List Price: $14.99

The best-selling enfant terrible of the Reagan revolution offers advice to today's budding conservatives—the very people he sees as the true "radicals" of tomorrow

Publishers Weekly

A young foot soldier of the "Reagan Revolution," bestselling author D'Souza (What's So Great About America, etc.) came to prominence during his years at Dartmouth, as one of the founders of the controversial Dartmouth Review. In his latest book, the newest installment in the Art of Mentoring series, D'Souza provides students of the next generation with a basic understanding of modern conservatism and its fundamental precepts. Addressing a fictional student by the name of "Chris," D'Souza outlines the major distinctions between the three main political positions in the U.S.: liberalism, conservatism and libertarianism. He goes on to explain how conservatism debunks an array of issues, such as affirmative action (it strengthens the "widespread suspicion that [blacks] might be intellectually inferior"), feminism ("the feminist error was to embrace the value of the workplace as greater than the value of the home"), postmodernism ("pompous, verbose, and incoherent") and some lesser known sins such as the "self-esteem hoax" (self-esteem doesn't promote better performance). In these chapters, the author is witty, even irreverent at times. He punctures the stereotype of conservatism as the dry and stodgy movement that liberals love to hate. Rather he says, conservatives are "radicals," resisting the morally deficient tide of modern liberalism, fighting for a common code of virtues. D'Souza will no doubt succeed in inspiring young conservatives to go out into the world and fight for what they believe in. (Oct. 1) Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.