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Ensemble, Litterature (French Edition)

Ensemble, Litterature (French Edition)
Author: Raymond F. Comeau - Normand J. Lamoureux
ISBN 13: 9780470002872
ISBN 10: 470002875
Edition: 6
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1998-12-26
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
List Price: N/A

This provocative and complete intermediate French language program offers selections from contempoary documents and media. Each chapter of this three volume program is cordinated thematically and linguistically with the others, yet each text may also be used independently.

Ensemble: Grammaire offers a brief review of basic grammatical structures via the introductory chapter in a clear and concise format that prepares students for the introduction of intermediate grammatical topics throughout the volume. The grammar presentations are clear, concise explanations in English with contextualized, personalized, and communicative exercises.

Ensemble: Litterature offers selections from the world's most fascinating French authors, past and present. More than one-fourth of the selections in this volume have been revised from the previous edition to reflect women in francophone literature. Superior pre-reading activities present essential facts concerning the authors, and their other works helping to place the reading in context. Appreciation du texte post-reading activities check students' comprehension and understanding of the literature. The volume is now packaged with a student listening CD.

Ensemble: Culture et Societe offers reading selections around such themes as family, politics, and the arts and emphasizes issues of current interest, including urban renewal, immigrant workers, French-Canadian nationalism, and la nouvelle cuisine. More than one-third of the selections in this volume have been revised from the previous edition and include current newspaper and magazine articles, excerpts from essays, literary works, travel guides, interviews, and cartoons. Pre- and post-reading activities, role-playing activities, collaborative writing assignments, and suggestions for oral and written presentation make up this volume.

Additional components enhance the program:

Lab Manual

Lab Cassettes


Camera 1 VHS Video Program

Camera 1 Viewer's Manual

Ensemble: Histoire