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Virology: Principles and Applications

Virology: Principles and Applications
Author: John Carter - Venetia Saunders
ISBN 13: 9780470023877
ISBN 10: 470023872
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2007-07-30
Format: Paperback
Pages: 382
List Price: N/A

Virology: Principles and Applications is a clear and accessible introduction to this fast-moving field, providing a comprehensive resource enabling the reader to understand the key concepts surrounding this exciting subject. The reader is introduced to the principles of virus structure, replication and genetics, along with the theories behind the origins of viruses and how they are evolving. Taking a modern approach to the subject, the relevance of virology to everyday life is clearly emphasised and discussions of emerging viruses, cancer, vaccines, anti-viral drugs and gene vectors are included. To enhance student understanding, learning outcomes, sources of further information and ‘at-a-glance’ sections are integrated into in each chapter, reinforcing key concepts.

Illustrated in full colour throughout, extensive use is made of clear diagrams that include standard colour coding for different types of molecule, enabling students to grasp difficult concepts and deal with the level of detail in the subject.

An invaluable text for students of biology, microbiology, molecular biology and biomedical sciences taking courses in virology. The book will also be a useful resource for MSc level students looking for an accessible introduction to the subject.

  • a student-friendly introduction to the fast-moving subject of virology. 

  • introduces the relevance of virology to the modern world including latest developments in the field.

  • looks at topical viruses such as HIV and influenza virus.

  • illustrated in full colour throughout with diagrams labelled clearly to enhance student understanding.

  • provides a comprehensive Virologists’ Vocabulary.

The companion web site provides self-assessment questions and answers, additional reference sources and links to various virology web sites www.wiley.com/go/carter

Doody Review Services

Reviewer:Rebecca T. Horvat, PhD, D(ABMM)(University of Kansas Medical Center)
Description:This basic overview of virology for undergraduate students covers topics from the various viral structures, the attachment of viruses to host cells, the great variety of viral genomes, and the effect of viruses on host cells and viral vaccine development.
Purpose:This book is designed for students who have not had extensive exposure to virus biology. This type of solid foundation is critical to introducing young scientists to the world of microorganisms.
Audience:It is primarily written for undergraduate university/college students. It does not have the depth for an advanced virology course, but it provides a very good starting point which is vital to establishing a knowledge base.
Features:The book starts with the importance of viruses to life on earth. This is followed by a methods section so that the student will understand how viruses are investigated in a research laboratory. The next several chapters go into specific biochemical detail on the variety of viral life cycles, the replication of viral particles, and host recognition and attachment. The diagrams are well designed and enhance the text, helping students understand these difficult concepts. The remaining chapters cover the major human viral pathogens in greater detail. Additional interesting chapters cover bacterial phages, the evolution of viruses, antiviral therapy, and vaccines. Each chapter begins with a summary ends with learning expectations. A helpful feature is a section at the end of the book called "Virologist's vocabulary," which gives clear definitions of commonly used terms.
Assessment:This is one of the best undergraduate textbooks specifically for virology that I have reviewed. I especially appreciate the well designed figures and diagrams. The book is clearly written and it would be enjoyable to use for teaching.