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Wine For Dummies

Wine For Dummies
Author: Ed McCarthy - Mary Ewing-Mulligan
ISBN 13: 9780470045794
ISBN 10: 470045795
Edition: 4th
Publisher: For Dummies
Publication Date: 2006-10-09
Format: Paperback
Pages: 410
List Price: $21.99

Does a wine list make you want to whine? Having a hard time describing the difference between a Bordeaux and wine in a box? Don't be a dummy! Wine For Dummies ®, the award-winning, entertaining, unpretentious, and enormously popular guide to wine, has been completely updated by renowned authors and wine experts Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan. Wine For Dummies ®, Second Edition provides readers with a new and expanded version of what has been called the "wine lover's bible." Favored by both wine novices and connoisseurs for its accessible teaching style and fun approach to the complex world of wine, Wine For Dummies ® has become the recommended book on wine. Winner of the Georges Duboeuf Wine Book of the Year Award in 1995, Wine For Dummies ® has been hailed by critics as "the grand cru of wine books" and "a delightfully formatted compendium of everything you need to know about wine."

Why a new edition? "wine is a living, dynamic substance. New vintages and wines appear each year, and new wineries open up, while others close down," explain McCarthy and Ewing-Mulligan. Based on readers' responses to the first edition, Wine For Dummies ®, Second Edition now includes:

  • A newly restructured and better organized text
  • Highlights of new wineries, current wine prices, and new bargains
  • The scoop on new vintages -- including an updated vintage chart
  • Two brand-new appendixes: a pronunciation guide to major wine terms and a wine glossary
  • Entire chapters devoted to regions of Italy and the USA
Wine For Dummies ®, Second Edition is brimming with all the authoritative information on wine that the first edition had, including how to:
  • Open and pour wine properly
  • Taste wine
  • Tell good wine from bad wine
  • Read wine labels
  • Speak the language of wine
  • Navigate restaurant wine lists
  • Select and buy wine
With the holidays approaching, readers shouldn't miss Chapter 20, "Marrying Wine with Food," and Chapter 15, "Bubbling Beauties," on the mysteries and delights of champagne and other bubblies. Wine connoisseurs will be interested in Part Four, "When You've Caught the Bug," including sections on wine buying and collecting, recommended publications for further reading, and special wine sites on the Internet.

In short, Wine For Dummies ®, Second Edition offers wine lovers at every level a completely up-to-date reference book, wine textbook, and user's manual, all in one volume. The book is the perfect gift for fans of the first edition, those who may want to buy a new edition as a gift, and anyone looking for a definitive source of information on wine.