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Smart Is Not Enough!: The South Pole Strategy and Other Powerful Talent Management Secrets

Smart Is Not Enough!: The South Pole Strategy and Other Powerful Talent Management Secrets
Author: Alan C. Guarino
ISBN 13: 9780470100103
ISBN 10: 470100109
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2007-03-05
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 240
List Price: $27.95

The biggest, most important issue in the new business century isn't outsourcing or technology. The biggest issue facing your business, and every other business as well, is talent—finding it, recruiting it, nurturing it, and keeping it. In fact, talent management is now more important than technology or any other department function. In Smart Is Not Enough!, Alan Guarino explains everything HR managers and business leaders need to know to manage their talent for success—including his revolutionary South Pole Theory, a practical solution to the critical talent shortage businesses will face in the new century.

Traditionally, companies have recruited their talent from the ranks of academic top performers. But some of the most successful business leaders weren't good students themselves, such as Kinko's founder Paul Orfalea, Barbara Corcoran, founder of the Corcoran Group, and Wayne Huizenga of Blockbuster. In the real world, academic achievement doesn't necessarily translate into good leadership skills, common sense, street smarts, or success. Guarino's South Pole Theory offers a practical strategy for finding those driven, hard-working individuals who didn't finish at the top of the class.

If your business is to survive the talent crunch, you have to open your mind and rethink the way you seek, deploy, lead, and develop talent. The only way you'll win the competition for talent is by learning to look in new places for hidden gems. Inside, you'll learn the basics of the South Pole Theory, plus much more:

  • How the talent shortage will affect your business
  • Why emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than GPA
  • The five South Pole talent secrets
  • Attracting South Pole talent
  • Developing your staff with cutting-edge methods
  • Leading your talent to spectacular success

To compete today, top companies need to cultivate and capitalize on every available source of talent. Smart Is Not Enough! shares the new and effective techniques you need to find determined, dedicated go-getters who would otherwise fall through the cracks if judged solely on academic qualities. People are the most valuable resource in business. This revolutionary guide will show you how to keep that resource flowing into your business—so you can survive and flourish.