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Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life

Anatomy and Physiology: From Science to Life
Author: Gail Jenkins - Christopher Kemnitz - Gerard J. Tor
ISBN 13: 9780470227589
ISBN 10: 470227583
Edition: 2
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2009-01-14
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1040
List Price: N/A

The second edition is designed to help allied health professionals keep their focus, make connections, and improve their overall understanding of the anatomy and physiology they need to succeed in the field. Each chapter is written and developed into manageable modules of content that place a conceptual order on the facts and terminology. Relevant clinical stories draw readers in, keep them connected to the content and provide the platform for developing critical thinking skills. The focused narrative is accompanied by outstanding illustrations that help allied health professionals learn key concepts.

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Reviewer:Steven K. Hamick, BIS, RCP, RRT, AE-C(William Beaumont Hospitals)
Description:This is not the typical anatomy and physiology book that emphasizes rote memorization. This unique book uses a variety of special features to make studying anatomy and physiology a more rewarding experience.
Purpose:Anatomy and physiology is the foundation for all health-related careers. This second edition fully explains the subject, yet focuses on critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and application of newly learned material.
Audience:Although intended for students beginning a health-related vocation, it is well written and easy to understand so anyone with a curiosity for anatomy would find it both interesting and informative. The authors are unquestionably experts in their fields of expertise.
Features:This revised edition is divided into three units. Unit 1 is an introduction to the human body, including chemical, cellular, and tissue level of organization. Unit 2 consists of 21 chapters on the various body systems, followed by unit 3 with three appendixes, a glossary, credits, and index. Uniquely, each chapter starts with a clinical case followed by an introduction to the chapter and one line summary concepts for each subsection in the chapter. Each subsection contains a Checkpoint for review and the text is peppered with bolded terminology and pronunciations, tables, and beautiful, four-color illustrations and photographs. Each chapter ends with the clinical case epilogue and discussion, concept and resource summary, other chapter resources, and a list of questions called Understanding the Concepts. The appendixes include measurements, periodic table, and answers to Checkpoint questions. Extras include the student companion web site, which consists of Visual Anatomy, chapter quizzes, negative feedback loop exercises, and other learning reinforcement tools.
Assessment:This well done book is highly recommended for any students requiring anatomy and physiology. The text is easy to read and the illustrations reinforcing learning concepts are superb. As science continues to advance, it is hoped the authors keep pace by producing future revisions.