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Making Choices for Multicultural Education: Five Approaches to Race, Class and Gender

Making Choices for Multicultural Education: Five Approaches to Race, Class and Gender
Author: Christine E. Sleeter - Carl A. Grant
ISBN 13: 9780470383698
ISBN 10: 470383690
Edition: 6
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2007-04-07
Format: Paperback
Pages: 252
List Price: N/A

How do we define multicultural education?

What do people mean by the term multicultural education? What does it look like in the classroom? The Sixth Edition of Making Choices for Multicultural Education explores the latest theoretical perspectives on race, language, culture, class, gender, and disability in teaching, and encourages you to examine your own personal beliefs about classroom diversity. The authors show how schools reflect broad social patterns of institutional discrimination, and then offer five different approaches to addressing those patterns in the classroom.

The Sixth Edition edition:

  • Incorporates the most recent demographic data and literature relevant to ongoing struggles

  • Discusses intercultural education as practiced in Europe and Asia and how it differs from multicultural education in the US

  • Features a stronger global perspective that contextualizes globalization, oppression, and other topics using examples from both the U.S. and other countries

  • Examines and contextualizes poverty, both personal and group, and its influences on the ideas discussed

And how do we practice it in the classroom?

Turning on Learning: Five Approaches for Multicultural Teaching Plans for Race, Class, Gender, and Disability, 5th Edition

Carl A. Grant and Christine E. Sleeter

ISBN: 978-0-470-38370-4

Once you’ve explored the theories in Making Choices for Multicultural Education, put them into practice. Turn to Turning on Learning to find out how to work with diversity in the classroom in order to excite your students and improve their academic achievement. This practical lesson-based companion contains a wealth of ready-to-use lesson plans for grade levels K-12 covering a variety of subject areas, including poverty and globalization.