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How to Read and Do Proofs: An Introduction to Mathematical Thought Processes

How to Read and Do Proofs: An Introduction to Mathematical Thought Processes
Author: Daniel Solow
ISBN 13: 9780470392164
ISBN 10: 470392169
Edition: 5
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2009-12-08
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
List Price: $70.44

Learn how to read, understand, and do proofs!

Daniel Solow’s new Fourth Edition of HOW TO READ AND DO PROOFS will help you master the basic techniques that are used in all proofs, regardless of the mathematical subject matter in which the proof arises. Once you have a firm grasp of the techniques, you’ll be better equipped to read, understand and actually do proofs. You’ll learn when each technique is likely to be successful, based on the form of the theorem.

This Fourth Edition features quick reference summaries of the proof techniques on the front and back covers, a new forward uniqueness method, a new section on counterexamples, and four new appendices in discrete mathematics, linear algebra, modern algebra, and real analysis that illustrate how the various proof techniques from the body of the text arise in doing actual mathematics.

Critical acclaim

“I think that Solow has written an excellent text that I will highly recommend as a supplementary text for several upper division mathematics courses including abstract algebra and mathematical analysis.”––Phillip Bean, Mercer University

“His already fine book becomes more usable by having the four subject-targeted appendices.”––Richard Delaware, UMKC

“The book covers all the basic proof techniques in a very readable, concise way without overwhelming the student. The organization is great. I like the short chapters highlighting only one concept at a time.”––Josephine Hamer, Western Connecticut State University

“Very clear, rigorous, extremely thorough, almost unique in what it tries to do, reaches out to weaker students.”––Michael Thaddeus, Columbia University