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Auditing Leadership: The Professional and Leadership Skills You Need

Auditing Leadership: The Professional and Leadership Skills You Need
Author: Brian D. Kush
ISBN 13: 9780470450017
ISBN 10: 470450010
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2009-07-20
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 238
List Price: $65.00

Until now, there has not been a book created specifically for auditors that solely focuses on the critical skills needed to personally excel and become a leader in the audit profession.

Written by Brian Kush, an experienced coach and CPA who has worked with thousands of auditors, Auditing Leadership is the only book of its kind, brimming with practical tips, insights, and ideas on becoming a leader in completing audits, in the audit profession, and in your life.

Avoiding technical accounting literature and references to FASBs, IASBs, and SASs, this invaluable resource instead addresses the key interpersonal and leadership challenges auditors face every day in the world of auditing and provides:

  • Solid guidance on becoming a better leader, based on the person you already are and the strengths you already have

  • The workable skills to excel in auditing, including client service, client management, time management, personal branding, supervising, communication skills, and much more

  • Stand-alone chapters that allow readers to read the book cover to cover or pick and choose topics of interest

  • Reflective discussions that challenge professionals to take their leadership skills to a new level by uncovering their goals and uncorking their potential

All about uncovering your big plan and having lots of little plans as well, the skills discussed in this guide are centered on the auditing career, and becoming a better leader, whether you are "leading" your family, working alone, or working with a large group of people. Both a professional guide and an insightful personal reference tool, Auditing Leadership authoritatively enables auditors to boost their personal leadership and professional skills.