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The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life

The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life
Author: Michael Masterson
ISBN 13: 9780470922408
ISBN 10: 470922400
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 2010-11-09
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 224
List Price: $24.95

Have you held dreams of success and happiness that you've failed to fulfill? Do you sometimes feel that, however much you've done, you are still, in part, an underachiever?

If so, there is good news. Your past failures have no bearing on your future. And if you can change the way you approach your work, you can change the way you live.

In The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life, bestselling author Michael Masterson teaches you how to reinvent your life by putting together a personal master plan. It's a formal contract between the person you are today (fed up with the problems and lack of success you've been having) and the person you have decided to be (the successful you who is healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise).

Masterson's unique approach to creating a master plan will change your life immediately and forever. It is based on the best principles of the great personal productivity masters (such as Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey) and on discoveries he made during his climb from indebtedness to multimillionaire status.

You will discover how to transform nebulous ambitions into specific objectives and how to apply them to the most important people, projects, and processes that will give you success.

The Pledge is not a book on goal setting. It is a blueprint for fundamental change. Once you have experienced even one day of Michael's revolutionary system, you'll be hooked for life.

Through his writing and personal coaching, Masterson has changed the lives of countless people. His office walls are covered with personal letters from people from all over the world who credit him with transforming their lives. Now it's your turn.

Once you set up your personal master plan, your effort will be minimal. You will start to see results immediately. You will have more money, more success, and more time to do the things you love. Most importantly, you will immediately begin to experience a truly fulfilling life.

In The Pledge, you'll learn:

  • Why traditional goal-setting programs seldom work
  • The Four Rules for master planning your life that will guarantee success
  • How to make quick and correct decisions every day to enrich your life
  • The secret of Accelerated Failure
  • How asking one question will improve everything in your business and life
  • The secret of the 4-Hour Workday (This one really works!)

Most people never realize their dreams. Not because they aren't smart or shrewd or motivated enough, but because when they do make an effort, it is too little, too late, or misdirected. You won't have that problem once you have set up your personal master plan. You will have already begun your journey—a journey that will enrich your life from the very first day.