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Interfaces: les affaires et la technologie travers la vie de tous les jours

Interfaces: les affaires et la technologie  travers la vie de tous les jours
Author: Barbara L. Blackbourn - Catherine Marin
ISBN 13: 9780471138938
ISBN 10: 471138932
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1997-04-18
Format: Paperback
Pages: 480
List Price: N/A

Ah, le Français … The Language of Business? Interfaces is a fully integrated, applied language series which targets business and technology at an intermediate level of French proficiency. Using natural dialogues and current information, your students will learn to communicate about the professional, technological, and personal aspects of business. Real-world scenarios introduce the skills needed to manage a variety of everyday situations: Job Hunting, Opening a Bank Account, Looking For Insurance, Calming Down Before an Interview or Business Meeting, and more! Here are just a few of Interfaces features:

  • Dialogue sections demonstrate the practical application of vocabulary in a true-to-life context.
  • Applications and La parole est à vous! provide small group activities, role plays, skit ideas, and discussion topics.
  • Pré-activités draw students into the upcoming subject matter.
  • Encadrés offer special touches and insights, words of wisdom, suggestions or advice, teamwork strategies, and cultural or lexical observations.
  • Les mots pour le dire and lexique sections provide the English equivalent of often-missed French words and expressions plus a more in-depth study of specialized terms.
  • Expression ècrite sections hand-written by native French speakers, these paragraphs enable students to see how French is used in real-life, and expose them to authentic French script.
  • Eventail de photos sur le même thème lead-ins give a quick visual preview of each of the six modules in the series.
The lecture sections, drawn from a wide variety of recent documentation, include extensive skimming, scanning, cognate and reading strategy activities. The Guide d’etude, used in conjunction with Interfaces develops oral communication skills, refines pronunciation and offers a multitude of grammar structure exercises entirely within the context of business technology of everyday life. Supplements: • Home Study Guide • Instructor’s Portfolio • Student Tapes