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Applied Molecular Genetics

Applied Molecular Genetics
Author: Roger L. Miesfeld
ISBN 13: 9780471156765
ISBN 10: 471156760
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley-Liss
Publication Date: 1999-04-13
Format: Paperback
Pages: 312
List Price: $143.95

This text explains the key biochemical and cell biological principles behind some of today's most commonly used applications of molecular genetics, using clear terms and well-illustrated flow schemes. The book is divided into several sections and moves from basic to advanced topics while providing a concise overview of fundamental concepts in modern biotechnology. Each chapter concludes with a Laboratory Practicum describing a hypothetical research objective and the sequence of steps that are most often used to investigate biological questions using molecular genetic methods. In addition, the book provides informative summaries of the latest advances in molecular genetics, using attractive illustrations and a comprehensive reference list.

This text also introduces the use of Internet resources through the World Wide Web as a powerful new tool in molecular genetic research. Seven appendices are included in the book, providing a convenient information resource for properties of nucleic acids, protein and restriction enzymes, a description of common E. coli genetic markers and gel electrophoresis parameters, as well as a list of useful Internet address sites.

Eugene A. Davidson

This volume presents an overview of both technical and theoretical aspects of modern molecular biology. Material covered ranges from very basic descriptions of the structure of DNA and RNA to the principles of cloning, sequencing, and diagnostics. The apparent intent is to provide a companion text to any of several standard texts of biochemistry. As such, the objective is met. This book serves the needs of students of the life sciences ranging from upper level undergraduates to beginning graduate and medical students. The writing is clear, the illustrations simple to understand and the flow of material logically chosen. Sufficient bibliographic material is provided to allow more interested readers to access primary sources, a generally desirable practice in texts. All contemporary approaches to the study of gene expression are covered with the exception of spectroscopic and physical methods. In spite of these minor omissions, this book can be recommended to the intended student audience as well as more senior scientists wishing to acquire a working understanding of the theory and techniques of modern molecular biology.