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ISO 14000: The Business Manager's Complete Guide to Environmental Management

ISO 14000: The Business Manager's Complete Guide to Environmental Management
Author: Perry Johnson
ISBN 13: 9780471165644
ISBN 10: 471165646
Edition: 1
Publisher: Wiley
Publication Date: 1997-08-19
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 245
List Price: $62.95

sFrom England to Australia, Sweden to South Korea, the international business community is embracing ISO 14000, the most flexible approach to environmental management yet devised. While a growing number of organizations are adopting its guidelines—with tremendous results—many are still hedging, unsure whether the benefits of implementation are worth their time, resources, and attention. This authoritative reference, written by an expert in the field, provides the information you need as a business manager to not only determine the appropriateness of ISO 14000 for your company, but to take the right steps toward successful certification.

Currently endorsed by more than one hundred countries, ISO 14000 has been adopted by such leading multinational corporations as Ford, Sony, Volvo, and Rockwell International. It has been met with tremendous enthusiasm, due in large part to its role in creating uniformity among the chaotic, often contradictory, environmental regulations that exist from country to country. In point of fact, ISO 14000 was designed to do much more than reduce waste and resource consumption. A sound system for navigating and controlling environmental impact, ISO 14000 is currently regarded as an indispensable part of the global business scene, making it essential for companies and their managers to be aware of the intricate structure, proper applications, and far-reaching effects of this important series of standards.

Perry Johnson—an ISO authority who is the founder of both an ISO 14000 training organization and a full-service registration company—shares his expertise and insight to bring you a clear, detailed look at ISO 14000, includingthe business impact of standard conformance. With straightforward explanations, Johnson shows you where ISO 14000 will add value to your company, how to support the standard, and what you need to do to meet registration requirements. Most importantly, he reveals how certification can favorably impact your company's bottom line.

ISO 14000 offers complete information on:

  • The value and benefits of complying with ISO 14000
  • The relationship between ISO 14000, ISO 9000, and current European quality standards
  • Building an environmental management system (EMS), from setting objectives and writing procedures to verifying effectiveness and avoiding pitfalls
  • The scope, definitions, and principles of ISO 14001
  • The audit and registration process, with complete details on gathering necessary documents, choosing and interviewing qualified auditors and registrars, and meeting requirements

The first in-depth guide on ISO 14000 and the bottom line—everything business managers need to know about compliance costs, benefits, and value added

Embraced by over one hundred countries, adopted by some of the largest multinational corporations in the world—including Ford, 3M, Sony, and Canon—ISO 14000 is increasingly a vital component of the global business arena. In this comprehensive and accessible guide, a leading authority on ISO principles and procedures offers an in-depth overview that not only covers standard fundamentals, but also examines the powerful business impact compliance can have on your organization.

By addressing all the essentials, ISO 14000 helps you determine the appropriateness of implementation for your company, understand the various requirements of the standard, and—perhaps most importantly—assess the costs and benefits of certification. With clear explanations and numerous real-world examples, you'll find essential information on:

  • The value of ISO 14000—the pluses of being "certifiably green"
  • Building a sound environmental management system (EMS)—how to set objectives, write procedures, avoid mistakes, and verify effectiveness
  • The audit and registration process—gathering necessary documentation, conducting internal audits, choosing qualified auditors and registrars, meeting and passing requirements
  • Marketing your environmental position—how to reap the benefits of ISO 14000 registration

Packed with perspectives and insights of manufacturing and service industry professionals, this unique resource is an invaluable guide for managers seeking to implement ISO 14000 with successful business results.

This comprehensive, in-depth overview is the one to have for integrating ISO 14000 smoothly—and successfully—into your overall business structure.


Overview fundamentals of ISO 14000 and examines the impact compliance can have on an organization, explaining how to determine if implementation is appropriate for a company and how to assess costs and benefits of certification. Coverage includes scope of definitions of the standard, procedures, avoiding pitfalls, the internal audit and the registration audit, and marketing an environmental position. For managers seeking to implement ISO 14000. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.